7 Disadvantages Of Hast Test Chamber And How You Can Workaround It

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed the 0.45 MPa stress highly accelerated stress test chamber for IC chips, 5G and semiconductors consumers. Until now, The Chinese suppliers can produce up to 0.20 MPa stress highly accelerated stress test chamber with capacity. This is the special benefit of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., Due to the fact that Wewon have solid independent research and development capabilities as well as damaged the technical syndicate of foreign equivalents.

There is no question that the 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chamber which successfully created by Wewon Tech can be used for China’s chips and also semiconductor markets. Yes, Offer 0.45 MPa pressure range test with temperature and also humidity test, not 0.20 MPa stress. As a matter of fact, This is what the Chinese othermanufacturers can not do it, but Wewon has done it.

Unique Advantages 1: Magnetic Fan Work in 0.45 MPa Pressure

Rely on the magnetic fan system, We can make the test area maintain 0.45 MPa pressure with moving wind. In China, This layout has only Wewon Technology make use of the magnetic Fan system for highly accelerated stress test chamber.

Clearly, This is a difficult technical technology, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has actually done it, but other hast test chamber supplier can not surpass it. The HAST chambers generated by other Chinese vendors does not have the fan system which mounted in the test room.

It is impossible for them to keep a great temperature and also humidity harmony in the test space, Because their style does not have a device to perform air flow inside the test space.

Hast Test Chamber
7 Disadvantages Of Hast Test Chamber And How You Can Workaround It

Distinct Benefits 2: The Wall Density of the Drum is 5 mm

The drum in the test location is a high-density structure, as well as the wall thickness of the drum is 5.0 mm. HAST chamber China factory have actually performed 12 tests for 148 hours of 0.5 MPa stress test, and we located that the equipment can still operate generally.

Chinese vendors that can create HAST chambers, the wall surface density of the drum they gotten is just 2mm. This is just one of the primary reasons that othermakers with the ability of creating HAST test chambers in China can just perform stress tests below 0.2 MPa.

One-of-a-kind Benefits 3: Ring-Row Lock Framework with 8 Locks

Previously, The HAST test chambers produced by Chinese providers all use a solitary lock framework. This design is not justified for high stress tests. Because of the long time high pressure test, the single-lock framework is very easy to rupture the door lock in the test location as a result of the high internal stress.

In order to fix this issue, Wewon select a ring-row lock framework with 8 locks. A special motor is mounted inside the door of the test area, to make sure that the maker can immediately open as well as close the door. With this style, when the test area is pressurized or happy, there will be no safety and security dangers to the engineer in the test laboratory.

Unique Benefits 4: Twenty-eight pieces Signal Terminals

The high accelerated stress test HAST chamber created by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has 28 pieces signal terminals for example’s voltage application test integrated in the middle left of the pressure storage tank.

This 28 pieces signal terminals can take off and ON/ OFF setting for each and every test procedure are feasible. The Wewon’s HAST chamber with signal terminals will certainly make it feasible to carry out conductivity test for brand-new products under advancement. To a certain degree, this solution will certainly expands the extent of application of the HAST chamber. Particularly, This signal incurable style very pleasant to third-party test organizations that offer test solutions for clients.

The Chinese vendors can create up to 0.20 MPa stress highly accelerated stress test chamber with capacity. Yes, Give 0.45 MPa pressure variety test with temperature as well as moisture test, not 0.20 MPa pressure. Up until now, The HAST test chambers generated by Chinese distributors all use a solitary lock structure. This layout is not justified for high stress test.