Xenon Test Chambers For Intensive Quality Testing

Quantity can be measured in numbers but if you are asked to measure quality, how are you going to do this task? It’s very simple, through testing. Testing is important to bring out the defects in something and to ensure its durability. It makes us identify those areas which need immediate improvements. But, there are areas where basic testing is not enough and does not do the job perfectly. To meet the high standards, there is a need to perform extensive testing on some materials. A place where such kind of testing is conducted is the xenon test chamber.


The xenon test chambers are into business for a long time now. These chambers are specially designed for conducting various laboratory and research experiments. They are important for carrying out different quality control tests on various types of materials such as cement, various electrical fittings, motors, electronic circuits and components etc.


The most unique thing about these chambers that makes their quality testing different from the usual ones is their xenon arc lamp accelerated aging test conditions. Different kind of environment is required for different type of testing. These chambers provide a controllable xenon arc environment test. So, the accelerated aging test level in these chambers can be changed as per the requirement.


xenon test chamber



There are many respected names in the environmental test chamber industry that are providing different types of chambers to meet varied customer requirements. One such chamber is the XENON TEST CHAMBER. This chamber is available at a very affordable price. It is full featured and carries a large specimen capacity. It facilitates precise control of critical test parameters that not only includes chamber accelerated aging test but spectrum, irradiance and black standard temperature.


This test chambers suits both applications whether it is about product testing or environmental parameter testing. The use of this chamber varies from the selection of new materials, improvement in the existing materials to the evaluation of the changes in product formulation etc. This testing of materials is necessary to improve the durability of the products and it can only be achieved in these chambers. These test chambers are ideal instruments for weather testing and total accelerated stability.


Now, the question that would surely be hitting your minds is “Can I trust the China XENON TEST CHAMBER ?” So, let us take a look at their features first.


The top features of these environmental test Chambers are as follows:-

• Innovative designs and easy to install
• Very simple and user friendly interface
• Built-in connection for data logging
• Easy to interpret self-diagnostic warnings and service reminders
• Fast and real simple calibration


The chamber is easy to maintain and very simple to use. The specimen mounting and evaluations are made very fast and easy with the easily removable specimen holders. The chambers are completely automated and can operate for a longer period of time. So, get the best out of the products by making use of these chambers. Just get in touch with the suppliers and rest will be handled by them.


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