One of the most major aspects of quality is durability. If a product meets this requirement, it means that the product was made tough enough to last for a long period of time. The aging testing of specimen helps us to determine how long the finished product would remain in good condition. This type of testing can be performed in the highly effective UV aging test chambers which are specifically developed to simulate the damaging effects of long term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings.
How this aging testing take place?
The UV aging test chamber provides a radiation spectrum centered in the ultraviolet wavelengths with the help of fluorescent lamps. Forced condensation helps in generating moisture and the heaters take care of the temperature. The test samples are exposed to varying conditions of ultraviolet radiation, moisture and heat which are undoubtedly, the most aggressive components of weathering.
Let us have a look at some of the ground breaking features of these uv test chambers.

The uv test chambers offer easily simulate the nature’s environmental condition, sunshine’s Radiation, raining, dew condistions … You can easily control the systems which has been set by your testing program.
1) The uv test chambers contain imported parts of international brands for raining/ sunshine radiation feature which means they are highly reliable for testing.

2)There is a touch screen controller for easy and better operation of the machine.

3)This machine has a very user-friendly interface and easy for maintenance.

Wewon’s uv test chambers meet the GB/T14522-93, GB/T2424.14-1995 and ASTMG53-84 methods. The GB/T14522-93 method is an artificial weathering test method for coating, plastic and rubber material used for machinery industrial products. The GB/T2424.14-1995 method is used for the testing of electrical and electronic products. The ASTMG53-84 is a standard practice of American material test institute where non-metallic material is exposed to fluorescent UV condensation.
Why should you buy these uv test chambers ?
There are several important reasons because of which you should consider buying these uv chambers for your testing requirements. They are:-
Control System: You get a high precision temperature control instrument along with Korea Temi 880 touch screen controller.


Programmable time controller – There is a time controller which can be programmed as per requirement. You can easily set test time, condensation time, illumination time, spraying time etc.
Electronic Components: The electronic components are adopted products of national joint venture companies.

The one stop solution for the need of any kind of uv test chamber is Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Apart from getting UV aging test chambers, you can also get temperature & humidity chambers, steam test chambers, Xenon test chambers, Ozone test chambers, etc. You can expect high quality devices and customer service from this brand as it is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of environmental test chambers in China. Get the environmental chambers and start testing your specimen.

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