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Steam Aging Tester

Steam aging tester is designed to meet military and commercial Hi-Rel specifications (MIL-STD 202, Method 208, and others) for artificial aging of all electronic components and circuit boards. This includes high density, discrete components, relays, transistors, capacitors, SMT, and axial components.

These steam aging test chamber applied for the testing of sealing property for multi-layer circuit board, IC sealing package, LCD screen, LED, semi-conductor, magnetic materials, NdFeB, rare earths and magnet iron, in which the resistance to pressure and air tightness for above mentioned products can be tested out.

● Overall of the steam aging tester made ​​of stainless steel SUS # 304HL, simple operation settings. Microcomputer digital LED control with time planning function , the maximum set 9,990 Mins.
● Parts, connectors, passive components , semiconductors oxidation test pin high temperature and humidity.
● Metal pin soldering test accelerated aging test. Multiple overtemperature protection / water cut heating and other safety devices.
● The touch- PID + SSR temperature controller, timer function while a time , set the 9990 maximum fractional unlimited.


The Wewon steam aging tester is offered with several configuration options to ensure it meets the needs of each customer. The standard configuration offers a single steam aging test chamber for large components. The steam aging test chamber can be equipped with 3 individually timed, ESD protected drawers with a unique closure mechanism that reduces steam escapement during drawer removal. Both systems provide complete monitoring and control of steam or water temperature and feature automatic timing of the test duration.



Model DescriptionYSA-3YSA-4
Testing Room.W×H×D(mm)100×540×260,3Sets100×540×260,4Sets
External Dime.W×H×D(mm)610×540×340760×540×340
Temp.RangeR.T+10°C ~ +98°CR.T+10°C ~ +98°C
Heat-up (min)4545
Material ExteriorSUS#304 stainless steel plateSUS#304 stainless steel plate
Material InteriorSUS#304 stainless steel plateSUS#304 stainless steel plate
Material InsulationPU & Fiberglass woolPU & Fiberglass wool
System HeatingChrome Steel Strip Wire Heater
Chrome Steel Strip Wire Heater
ControllerDigital electronic indicators controller+S.S.R.With P.I.D & timer max 9,990mins
Safety Devices (Note)Overheating prevention pretector,Overheating prevention pretector,
Safety Devices (Note)Water shortage protector, steam outlet hole, no fuse breakerWater shortage protector, steam outlet hole, no fuse breaker
Power Source(K.W.)AC 1Ψ 220V60/50Hz







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