Testing of product samples at variable environmental conditions is important to ascertain the defects and faulty areas in them. This hugely helps in finding out ways to increase the durability of the finished and ready to consume products. As the durability of products is directly related to the reputation of a brand so it cannot be taken for granted at all. A place is necessarily required to serve the need of intensive testing on products or samples. This is where the role of test chambers kicks in.


Time is priceless and nobody is having the time to wait for natural change in the climate and environment for different temperatures, humidity etc. for conducting the testing. So, the test chambers are designed for providing artificial environment by replicating the natural environment to test the actual effects of stresses such as high temperature, humidity, vibration, extreme lights, corrosion, etc. on products. The information gained out of this testing is pivotal as it helps in the identification and subsequently, correction of all potential problems related to a product.


This testing is important to ensure that a product is able to perform as intended under tough conditions. This crucial information adds value to these test chambers. They are used in many industries such as environmental, pharmaceutical, electronics, food science etc. These test chambers vary in range from simple temperature testing to thermal shock testing. In extreme testing of a product, the temperatures can be rapidly changed by any amount, for example 20°C fast change per minute. Other tests involve environmental stress screening (ESS), drugs stability testing, altitude testing, reliability testing of electronic devices, etc. The testing is performed under a series of temperatures, humidity, and vibration.


ozone chamber



When it comes down to test the rubber products against ozone, the ozone test chamber is an ideal one. Ozone test chambers have been particularly designed to check rubber products whether there are cracklings in them or there is a problem of rubber aging. We all know that ozone is rare in the atmosphere, so the ozone aging tank helps in stimulating and enhancing the condition of ozone in the atmosphere of the chamber to help you study the effects of this gas on your rubber product.


Once the testing is done, you will be able to identify and evaluate the methods to make your product tough enough so that it can resist ozone. You will also be able to find ways to control the aging for rubber by implementing an effective anti aging measure to improve the life of your rubber products. Now the question that would be coming in your mind is “From where should I buy an ozone test chamber? Well, you can easily get this chamber from a brand name that is one of the top market leaders in the industry. Wewon Environmental Chambers is a very well known brand that deals in manufacturing and supply of humidity and temperature testing chambers abroad.


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