Environmental Test Chamber To Recognize The Effects Of Different Products Under Different Environmental Stresses!

An environmental test chamber is used to test the various industrial and biological items in a controlled humidity, temperature and atmospheric composition environments. There are different varieties of test chambers available and each of them is used for various applications. Some of the specific varieties of these chambers include finger print development chambers, climatic and environmental, automotive, special application, sport and exercise science rooms …


Environmental chambers which are also known as climatic chambers come in a variety of different sizes and forms depending on their application. There are floor standing chambers, bench top test chambers, conditioned air units, modular walk in rooms and many more. These are just to name a few.


Environmental Stresses And Their Effects, Whatever type of environmental chamber you use to serve your certain need, the basic purpose of each of them is just to test the effects of newly developed product under the different environmental stresses. The three most typical tresses are humidity, vibration and temperature. Other stresses like altitude and corrosion are also these but in most of the cases, these stresses are not seen.

Humidity Test Stress: The effects of humidity stress can be somewhat useful under definite circumstances. Physical changes such as embrittlement and swelling can occur for some materials. Corrosion and leakage paths are also attributed to extreme humidity conditions.

Vibration Test Stress: Vibration as an environmental stress is exhibited in a loss of automatic strength due to cracking, fatigue, impairment or the displacement of mechanical functions.

Temperatures Stress: Temperature which is regarded as the most common environmental stress can cause several types of effects. Temperature swings in electrical constants can cause unforeseen problems. Automatic issues like contraction and expansion can become apparent when CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch plight arises. PCB delamination, changes in flexibility and interactions of dissimilar materials, can all occur when temperature stresses are used to find out the issues.



Apart from these three most common environmental stresses, there are a variety of other stresses also available, which can significantly affect the electrical and physical characteristics of the items being tested. The environmental stresses are just apt for testing any type of product depending on the types of components, the physical design of the merchandise and what is to be accomplished. Now, it goes without saying that the climatic chambers are specifically designed and built to accurately maintain and control a stable environment condition inside the chambers that are constantly monitored to measure the emitted water vapour, heat, carbon dioxide etc.


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