Environmental Chambers To Test The Product’s Reliability Under The Different Environmental Conditions!

A huge number of new products are designed and developed by the engineers on regular basis. Albeit these products may prove true to the expectation during the initial phase of development and testing, but sadly, the initial testing does not guarantee that when the product steps into the mass production, will it function appropriately or what will happen when it is used for a prolonged period of time. So, how the manufactures can make sure that whether their developed merchandise has the expected traits and the reliability features needed for working for a long time under different environmental conditions.


The best way by which the engineers and the manufacturers can stay assured about the product reliability is through environmental testing. Wewon Environmental Chambers can be your Best Choice for doing the environmental testing. Though environmental testing is required to be done for a wide variety of products, it would be much better for the equipments used in automotive, medical, defense, rail and marine industries.


 Environmental Chambers


What Is Environmental Testing ?


Environmental testing is actually a process that is done to assess the response of a product to the climatic and physical risks that may happen during its operational life. This method helps the manufacturer recognize the good’s compliance, assure the product’s reliability and durability and analyze and resolve damage issues. This method of testing involvesaccelerating the aging process of the products so that its lifecycle under the different environmental conditions can be better predicted by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the method of testing also ensures that the merchandise can work well in an extreme climate condition and a physical environment as well. It also helps determine the product’s capability to function and endure physical stress; including extreme temperature and climate changes.


Types Of Environmental Testing


Humidity Testing Humidity Testing is done to test how the humidity and temperature will affect a particular good. This type of testing will also involve subjecting the merchandise to the humidity and temperature cycling of the chambers.


Vibration Testing Vibration Testing is actually the shocking or shaking of a product in order to make sure whether the product can stand up to the real life environment.
The Shock Testing Shock testing is done to prove the reliability and endurance power of the product against shock, bump, impact and free fall. It also determines the capacity of the product in withstanding sudden changes in temperature and climate conditions.


Once the product has undergone these testing procedures, it would be easy to comprehend whether the product is made perfect or it needs any improvement to be done. Once the engineer and the manufacturer get assured about the reliability of the product, it can confidently be stepped into the industry to function.


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