Count On The High Quality Environmental Test Chamber That Comes With Manifold Features !

Wewon environmental test chambers provide the precise control of humidity and temperature in enclosed environments needed for electronics, electrostatics, plastic, packaging, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, university research, biomedical and similar applications. We at Wewon offer high quality chambers to test the integrity and reliability of your newly developed merchandise at the different environmental conditions.


The level of precision that the manufactures get about the products after testing it into the chamber enables them to not only guarantee a safe working environment, but also help them to steer clear of any manufacturing defects that can result from uncontrolled environments.



At Wewon we are proud of ourselves on manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of test chambers that are high in quality and low in price. Our clients turn to us for assistance with:

● Enabling testing and handling hazardous materials within a safe and controlled enclosure.
● Retaining defined and controlled conditions when working with compounds and materials.
● Buying environmental chambers that negate electrostatic discharge and provide expected outcome.


Lets’ See The Other Advantages Of Wewon Environmental Test Chambers :

● All of the test chambers we introduce to the market are specifically made as per the Russian army standard.
● We use the exceptional quality of US imported stainless steel to manufacture the inner shelf of the chamber.
● We equip all of our test chambers with high quality standard as we pay more attention and spend more money for a better controller.
● At our environmental test chamber everything is bright and light. We make every possible effort to make it powerful and bright with higher quality standard! The standard of our quality is very close to TERCHY and ESPEC.
● We make the drawer type design, which has more efficiency and individualization for the operators. Simple design but efficient.
● We use the insulation cotton material in the corner area; due to which the noise produced through the chamber during its functioning time will reduce to 50–60 DB. This feature facilitates the users keeping their office quiet and silence !
● We use France Tecumseh compressor for the 150 liters chambers, which may cost 2 times higher than the normal one. Though the cost is 2 times higher, but the working efficiency and the performance of the chamber will be much faster and efficient.

The lifetime of the chambers will also be extended. The set up work and technology used to manufacture Wewon environmental test chambers is excellence and powerful. So, one can contentedly trust a China environmental test chamber. No burr, no scratch and no any defect deformation. All of our models of environmental test chambers prove true to the expectation of quality as well as have got the Russian’s confirmation and agreement ! So, why to see anywhere else when the best is just around you!

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