Being the product manufacturers, it becomes very important for them that they conduct the initial testing of their various product samples in quality test chambers before the products go out for further testing. The environmental test chambers facilitate simulated climatic conditions to you so that you can conduct your testing in extremely high and low temperature, humidity, vibration etc.  You can test numerous specimens like cement, motor, electronic circuit, electric fitting and many other components.


Xenon test chambers are in use for many years in various laboratories for quality testing and research experiments. These chambers help you to ascertain the damage that can be caused to the products when they get exposed to full spectrum sunlight and rain. If you are running a lab with limited budget, then xenon test chambers from Wewon are the right chambers for you need to go for. There are several features that these Xenon test chamber provide. Let us have a quick look on them.



● Optimum performance – xenon test chambers use the xenon lamp and simulate the Xenon matters in nature. The mainly purpose is testing the service life for new design products.
● Simple Installation – The chambers can be easily installed in a lab. You do not require having any prior or specified knowledge to be able to operate them.
● Easy Operation – Using these test chambers is no rocket science. The specimens can be conveniently mounted on the specimen tray in the chambers. The simple and user friendly interface facilitates easy operation of the machine and you can easily conduct your testing.
● Built-in connection for data logging – There is an additional service of remote that you can avail by request via Ethernet port. You also get system support RS-232 and RS-485 as well.
● Fast Results- These chambers provide you unbelievably quick results. You can expose the specimen for just few hours each day and relax.

● Easy interpretation of Warnings and Reminders- Talking about the user friendly features, you can easily interpret the self-diagnostic and service reminders.
● Fast and real simple calibration- The chambers offer you fast and real simple calibration so you can easily negotiate any calibration request. You can easily determine the color fastness, light fastness, aging to sunlight, weather resistance, etc.
● Affordable – Low purchase price and low operating costs provide you an appropriate balance in price and performance expectations. Even the smallest of the labs can afford these chambers.


The chambers are incredible as they are capable of reproducing the possible damages to products in a few days or weeks that actually take over months or even years to occur outdoors. So, get these chambers installed in your lab and start with the testing. For more details check, Please visit website:

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